We are opening a Foundation!

Let’s create this unique place together!
Our Foundation will be a catering cooperative in which we will employ people getting out of homelessness and alcoholism and wanting to start their lives again. We already have PLN 47,550 (US$ 12 743,19) but for the Foundation to start we need additional PLN 22,450 (US$ 5 990.02).

The history of our activity began in 2011 when we opened the „New Beginning” Therapeutic Center helping addicted and homeless people to return to normal life. The therapeutic program consists of an eight-month stay at the Center where patients receive comprehensive psychological help, spiritual support, and participate in various activities including work therapy.

The next step has been the creation of a hostel where people are transferred after the therapy at the Center. Hostel residents start adapting to functioning in society by taking jobs while benefitting from the support of a psychologist staying with them.

After nine years of working with addicted persons, we noticed that their social maladjustment to the new workplace is a big problem. It happens that people after the therapy return to addiction because they find themselves in an inappropriate physical job environment working with other people unaware of the scale of their problem.

Hence the idea of ​​establishing the Foundation – a place where every resident of the Center will feel safe while learning to work under the guidance of experienced professionals knowing well the therapeutic process.  The cooperative will be a catering company offering occasional catering. The kitchen will be located in the new building of the Center. Currently, it is undergoing final renovation works. The cost of total kitchen equipment is estimated to around PLN 70,000 (US$ 19,000), of which we so far have collected around PLN 47,550 (US$ 12 743,19).

Center’s new  building at Labedzia St. in Warsaw – the future location of our kitchen


To summarize, we are missing PLN 22,450 (US$ 5 990.02) to start our Foundation. So we kindly ask for your support. We believe that together we will be able to create a unique place that will save many people at risk of social exclusion and also help to reduce addiction and homelessness in Warsaw.

We will be grateful for any kind of support as it will let us help others.


Ośrodek „Nowy Początek”
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e-mail: nowypoczatek.osrodek@gmail.com

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